I am Nazila Shafiei, a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at Stony Brook University. In my research, which operates at the intersection of theoretical and computational syntax, I strive to find out how these different avenues can inform our understanding of syntactic phenomena, and in what ways they can be tied together.

My theoretical work has been on subjects such as ellipsis, quantifier and negation scope, and wh-questions in Persian. Some of these subjects, e.g. negation scope and wh-questions, have been a focus of behavioral experiments conducted in my previous and current institutions. Additionally, being influenced by the works of Jeffrey Heinz and Thomas Graf on subregular hierarchy, the focus of my computational research is on investigating the complexity of various syntactic operations, in particular syntactic long-distance dependencies such as binding, NPI licensing and movement constraints.

I am also fascinated by the research on Machine Learning and Natural Langauge Processing, which resulted in my enrollment in the Data and Computational Science certificate program offered by the Institute for Advanced Computational Science IACS at Stony Brook University. I have already done two projects in this field, one of which is still ongoing, and might become a part of my dissertation.